Hello, we are Nick and Annie! Straight Up Outside is about making choices to design your own lifestyle that makes YOU happy and is unique to YOU. Not simply relying on the status quo to tell you what to do.

We believe that passion and purpose are the keys to genuine joy. We find those two things in outdoor experiences, being a friend to the environment, humor, and utilizing regenerative farming to grow quality products.

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Where to begin?

As Bilbo Baggins says,

“It’s a dangerous business… going out your door… if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

Okay, that sounds nice, but sometimes it’s not that easy! Planning a trip, getting the right gear, all of these checklist items quickly become chores (which I usually avoid at all costs.)

Straight Up Outside is here for you. Check out our blog post on the 6 Hurdles That Prevent You From Getting Outside for easy fixes that will get your feet to the door and swept away!

-Choose Your Destination-

They say that when presented with many options, humans struggle to choose just one. That’s why Straight Up Outside breaks down go-to places (sometimes in too much detail) and how we plan our trips, to help you plan your adventure.

-Make Your Meal-

As farmers and gardeners, we LOVE talking about food. How to grow it, buy it, cook it… ultimately we believe slow food is one of the keys to happiness. At the end of the day, food is everything: it’s culture, it’s nourishment, it’s connections to other people, AND it can be sourced sustainably.

Check out our post on how food pays you in more ways that nourishment!

To learn more about the writers behind Straight Up Outside, check out the Meet Us post.

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