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Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a system of agricultural practices and principles that support biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watersheds, and increase the capacity of the soil to capture carbon.


Straight Up Outside goes beyond sustainability, with regenerative farming practices we improve and add value to the land we farm.

Modern farming practices rob the soil of its nutrients at the expense of polluting the world with carbon, excess nitrogen, and synthetic chemicals in ways they cannot cycle.

Regenerative farming uses innovative methods to return the soil to what it once was. In a grassland (prairie) biome like southern Minnesota, that means a focus on grazing animals that see different pastures frequently, eating grasses, and not abusing one space of land for too long. This method is used in an effort to mimic the nomadic nature of the buffalo that originally evolved alongside the grass, forbes, and other animals that inhabited the prairie.


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Starting a farm of this nature is a slow process! As we build capacity and nutrition in our soil, we will regularly offer nutritious dairy and meat products.


Grass-fed, A2-A2, Raw Milk from our Jersey cows. Milk is sold by pick up only from our farm (due to food safety laws!)

Our Jersey Cows have been tested and confirmed to produce only A2-A2 milk, which is said to be easier to digest for humans. Store-bought milk includes the A1 protein, which for some, causes symptoms which may mimic those of lactose intolerance.

Dairy not currently available!


Grass-fed Dexter/Low-Line Angus cross beef sold by the quarter, half, or whole. When an animal is ready to be brought into the butcher, we will contact you with details. You’re able to work with the meat market to determine which cuts you would like out of your beef portion.

If you have a dog- we recommend saving the bones!

Beef not currently available!


Pastured broilers raised without hormones or antibiotics in movable pens where they experience a new parcel of grass every day. These chickens are sold whole after processing and are farm-direct pick-up only!

Chicken not currently available!

Part of buying local is knowing your farmers, reading our “About” post to get to know who is behind Straight Up Outside Farm.

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