Meet Straight Up Outside!

Hello! We’re Annie & Nick from Straight Up Outside LLC. As mindful stewards of the earth, we work to create quality raw milk and pastured meats that can’t be found in the grocery store. Our animals are raised humanely and all pasture based, so they have room to move, forage, and behave instinctively. They both taste better and have more of the nutrition needed to fill out a healthy diet!

Straight Up Outside LLC was named after our belief that the outdoors can heal and nurture anything. We think it’s important to produce meat and dairy from animals that grow up outside, foraging for nature’s supply of vitamins and minerals!

We also believe in the health benefits that the outdoors offers to us humans! That’s why when we’re done milking, we can often be found in the garden, exploring the BWCA, or canoeing/hiking a local river.

Our milk & eggs are locally grown at our farm in Lake Crystal, MN. The farm shop is located 3 miles southwest of Lake Crystal at 50279 185th Street, Lake Crystal, MN 56055.

We are currently at capacity raw milk customers! Please complete the form below if you’re interested in being added to our waiting list or call/text Annie 651-233-0187.


In addition to farming, we love travel, recreation, and simple living. Check out these links for blog posts on minimalism, adventure, living aesthetically, or sustainable food.

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  1. Mary Breiter

    Hi Annie, I’m not replying to a blog but just wanted to thank you for giving my dad, Dick Breiter, some of your wonderful chickens’ wonderful eggs. I think you may be extended-family-related to one of my classmates – I went to middle school and high school with Roberta Schmitz.
    Your farm sounds wonderful. I wish you great success!
    Mary Breiter
    Eugene, OR

    1. Annie Schmitz

      Hi Mary! Thank you so much for reaching out! I’m glad Dick is enjoying the eggs! He’s been a friend to me as I began attending weekday Mass =)

      Roberta Schmitz is my husband’s aunt! Perhaps you know my father-in-law, Carl Schmitz? Or my mother-in-law, Ann Scheuneman? I think they both were a few years behind your class!

      Thank you so much for your well wishes! I hope you enjoy the site!

  2. Mary Breiter

    Yes, your in-laws are a bit younger than I am but they may have gone to school with one of my younger brothers or sisters. I knew a Jody Scheuneman who was a very talented basketball player. I will recommend your farm to my brothers who live in Mankato, in case my dad hasn’t already done that.

    1. Annie Schmitz

      What a small world! Jodi is my mother-in-law’s oldest sister.

      Thank you for recommending my farm to your brothers! I live just outside of Lake Crystal and will have raw milk for sale this fall. I also will have a farm shop selling my other farm products, namely pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, and eggs! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet you in person some day, Mary! Thank you again for reaching out =)

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