How to Buy Raw Milk from Straight Up Outside

Minnesota state law requires raw milk customers to buy directly from a farm and to bring their own containers!

When you come to our farm, the farm shop is the first building on the right. You will drive down our long driveway and can park right in front of the building. Although we may sometimes be in the midst of a project, there will be plenty of space to turn a car around!

50279 185th St., Lake Crystal, MN 56055

Reserve your milk.

Buying raw milk is a little bit of a different deal, we can’t store milk for more than 3 days, so supplies are always limited! Please text/call Annie to reserve the amount of milk you’d like to pick up and which day of the week you’d like to swing through. Then come by any time during farm shop hours to pick up your milk.

The more advanced notice you give, the higher guarantee milk is available.

Farm Shop Hours:

Tuesday: 2-7 PM

Thursday: 10 AM-2 PM

Saturday: 9 AM-3 PM

Milk is stored in the bulk tank.

Inside the farm shop are the bulk tanks! This is the refrigeration system where we store the milk. Our bulk tanks are emptied and cleaned every 3 days to ensure ideal sanitation.

Milk is chilled and kept between 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bring a wide-mouthed quart or half-gallon jar.

Quart and half gallon sized Mason jars, filled with fresh raw milk!

A wide-mouthed Mason jar is the optimum container to transport your milk in, although we can fill any tight sealing container with our spout!

Transport your milk home in a cooler!

To ensure milk quality, milk should be kept at 40 degrees. We recommend traveling with a cooler and ice packs to keep your milk as cold as possible!

What other questions do you have? Call/text or email Annie Schmitz 651-233-0187 or

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  1. Marie MacPherson

    Hey! I was so happy to see your poster at Taylor Library! My husband and I were the first Weston A. Price contacts in the area years ago. I’m from Mankato and my family of 9 drank raw milk from a farm near Sleepy Eye for many years. But, our carpool “broke down” over the years, and we actually cut out dairy from our diet for awhile. Now, I make yogurt out of organic milk from the store, but would love to have raw, instead! And, then–your poster! Tell me more via email, if you can! What are your prices? (We used to pay $5 a gallon at the other farm… and I’m guessing it’s a LITTLE bit higher these days 😉 Thanks, Marie

  2. Angie Jenkins

    I’ve been looking for some raw milk forever now! Do you have any available? I’m out of state til the end of the month, but would like to get back into cheese making again once I get back.

  3. Patricio

    Hi Annie. I call you today, my name is Patrick, this is my number if you get any raw milk available (763)-228-5561

    Thanks in advance.

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