Farm Shop

Straight Up Outside LLC uses regenerative farming methods to return the soil to what it once was. Food from our farm shop is an environmentally safe way to keep meat and dairy in your diet!

Farm Shop Hours:

M-W: 8-11 AM

Th-F: 2-8 PM

Sat: 8 AM- 3 PM

Or by appointment.

Address: 50279 185th St, Lake Crystal, MN 56055

Phone: (651) 233 0187

Call/text ahead to reserve your raw milk!


Interest Form or call/text Annie at 651-233-0187

Jars of raw milk with cream separated.

Raw, Grass-Fed, A2/A2 Milk

$6/Half Gallon


Raw Milk from our 2 dairy cows sold in half gallon increments. Milk is sold on the farm, customer pick up only (due to food safety laws!) Please bring your own containers! Call/text ahead to reserve your milk!

We are currently taking on new raw milk customers!

Read more about raw milk from Straight Up Outside LLC:

Pastured Poultry laying on Counter

Pastured Poultry



Pastured broilers, raised without hormones or antibiotics in movable, Joel Salatin style pens where they experience a new parcel of grass every day. These chickens are sold whole after processing and are farm-direct, pick-up only!

Chicken available in our farm store!

Eggs laying in egg cartons

Free-Range Eggs



Chickens are free to roam the farm! Bugs and grass make up 20% of a chickenโ€™s diet. All those vitamins and minerals are put into the eggs, making a nutritious breakfast for your family!

Part of buying local is knowing your farmers, read our “About” post to get to know the farmers behind Straight Up Outside LLC.

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