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Straight Up Outside uses regenerative farming methods to return the soil to what it once was. Food from Straight Up Outside farm is an environmentally safe way to keep meat and dairy in your diet; in a grassland (prairie) biome like southern Minnesota, that means a focus on grazing animals that are 100% grass-fed. Our beef and dairy rotate through new “paddocks” of grass every few days and eat only hay or alfalfa in the winter. Pasture based foods also have more nutrition than what is typically bought from the grocery store!

Farm Shop Hours:

Monday-Saturday: By appointment.

Sunday: Closed

50279 185th Street, Lake Crystal, MN 56055

Annie Schmitz 651-233-0187

Feel free to call or text with any questions!


Interest Form or call/text Annie at 651-233-0187

Starting a farm of this nature is a slow process! As we build capacity and nutrition in our soil, we will regularly offer nutritious dairy and meat products.

Grass-fed A2A2 Raw Milk

Raw Milk from our 2 Jersey cows sold $6/half gallon. Milk is sold on the farm, customer pick up only (due to food safety laws!) Customers are also required to bring their own jars. Milk is by appointment! Please call ahead to ensure there is milk available! Our bulk tank is cleaned every 3 days, so you get the freshest milk possible!

Our Jersey cows are 100% grass-fed and certified A2A2 producers!

We are currently taking on new raw milk customers!

Call/text Annie at 651-233-0187

Pastured Poultry

Pastured broilers $4/lb and raised without hormones or antibiotics in movable, Joel Salatin style pens where they experience a new parcel of grass every day. These chickens are sold whole after processing and are farm-direct, pick-up only!

Chicken available October 2021.

Interest Form- Pastured Poultry or call/text Annie at 651-233-0187

Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed Dexter/Low-Line Angus cross beef sold in 1 lb hamburger packages $7/lb. Animals are raised on grass and finished on grass. Moving from pasture to pasture in the summer and fed hay through the winter seasons.

Grass-fed beef available October 2021.

Interest Form– Grass-fed Beef or call/text Annie at 651-233-0187

Regenerative agriculture is a system of agricultural practices and principles that support biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watersheds, and increase the capacity of the soil to capture carbon.


Part of buying local is knowing your farmers, read our “About” post to get to know the farmers behind Straight Up Outside Farm.

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