Tell me more about unprocessed milk!

Unprocessed, or raw milk is not pasteurized or tampered with in any way. It’s nature’s perfect food! Raw milk is an all-in-one source of nutrients and vitamins. Plus, it comes with enzymes and carrier proteins so 100% of every nutrient is absorbed.

What does A2/A2 mean?

A2/A2 milk comes from cows that produce only the A2 protein. A mutation led to cows producing milk with the A1 protein, which research shows can be harder to digest. The A1 protein often is the root cause for many milk allergen problems.

Why grass-fed?

Countless studies prove that grass-fed dairy and meats have more antioxidants, higher levels of nutrients and vitamins, better fat quality, and less saturated fat. It’s not only more natural for the animals to eat grass, but it’s healthier for us to eat!

Do I need to bring my own container?

Yes! Minnesota allows on the farm raw milk sales if customers bring their own container.

Why must milk be reserved ahead of time?

Due to the small size of our herd, we ask that milk drinkers call/text ahead to reserve milk. This ensures your order can be filled when you visit the farm shop. The earlier milk is reserved, the more likely we can fill your order! (Other products like meat and syrup do not need to be reserved.)

Can I schedule a standing reservation for a certain day of the week?

Yes! If desired, customers can request their milk to always be reserved and picked up on whichever day of the week works best for them.

Is raw milk safe to drink?

Every month, Straight Up Outside test their milk for bacteria colonies. We always receive great results. In addition, we farmers drink a half-gallon each day, we guarantee it’s safe to consume!

How long does the milk last?

Milk lasts about 9 days in the fridge, depending on jar cleanliness! To best keep jars clean, run them through the sanitize cycle of a dishwasher, or rinse with food-grade bleach.

Raw Milk, a Delicious Superfood!