Raw Milk & Pastured Meats Sold Farm Direct

If you’ve landed on this website, you most likely are seeking quality, raw milk & pastured meats with a wish to avoid the supply chain. At Straight Up Outside, we sell directly from our farm in Lake Crystal, Minnesota. Our goal is to get customers a nutritious and delicious product, hassle free.


Our raw milk is the all-in-one nutritional drink to give your family. It comes with the enzymes needed to digest 100% of the vitamins.


Our “cream top” milk is over 10% cream and has all the flavor that modern day processing removes. It’s like drinking ice cream!

Jars of raw milk with cream separated.


Dairy & meat animals grown in cooperation with the natural world. No chemicals added! Food that is simple, slow, and straight up!

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We are currently at capacity for milk customers, but would love to add you to our waiting list! Please complete the form above or contact Annie Schmitz (651-233-0187) if you’re interested in future milk availability!

Farm Shop Hours:

Tuesday: 2-7 PM

Thursday: 10 AM-2 PM

Saturday: 9 AM- 3 PM

Call/text ahead to reserve your milk!


Address: 50279 185th St, Lake Crystal, MN 56055

Phone: (651) 233 0187


Annie & Nick sit on the ground next to dairy cow, Ronnie

Like you, our values guide us to pursue:


We are Annie and Nick Schmitz, rural, Catholic farmers who enjoy spending time outdoors. After the cows are milked, you can find us hiking local rivers, racing homing pigeons, or working in the garden.

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  1. Mary Breiter

    Hi Annie and Nick,
    Thanks again for letting my dad and me visit your lovely farm. My dad said he couldn’t remember the last time he was on a farm and he very much enjoyed our visit. Thanks Annie for coming to dad’s open house also. I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you. I saw that you connected with Kathy though so that was great!
    Have a wonderful rest of your summer!

    1. Annie Schmitz

      Thank you, Mary! It was great to officially meet you!! You & your dad are welcome out to the farm at any time!!

  2. Matt McLaughlin

    I’ve been buying raw milk from you guys for a year and just now somehow found your website – you guys are awesome! Keep up the great work.

    Also – have you guys considered running a Catholic Worker Farm in the summertime? The nearest one is about an hour away last I checked (Lake City I believe). I’d definitely participate in that!

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