A Warm Welcome from Straight Up Outside LLC!

If you’ve landed on this website, you most likely are seeking quality, raw milk with a wish to avoid the supply chain. At Straight Up Outside, we sell environmentally-friendly food directly from our farm in Lake Crystal. Our goal is to get customers a healthy and exceptional product, hassle free.


Our 100% grass-fed milk will get you the Omega-3 Fatty Acids you need to remain alert!

Dairy cow, Ronnie, standing in the pasture.


Our raw milk is over 10% cream and has all the flavor modern day processing has removed.

Jars of raw milk with cream separated.


Farm products grown as self-sufficient as possible, short of making hay with scythes!

Annie drinks a glass of milk with Ronnie in the pasture.

Let us be your “Dairy Guy!”

Call Annie Schmitz at 651-233-0187 to set up a time to visit our farm shop. Tell people how you, “Got a guy for that!”

Quart and half gallon sized Mason jars, filled with fresh raw milk!

Farm Shop Hours:

M-W: 8-11 AM

Th-F: 2-8 PM

Sat: 8 AM- 3 PM

Call/text ahead to see how much is in the bulk tank!


50279 185th ST, Lake Crystal, MN 56055

Annie Schmitz 651-233-0187


Annie and Nick sit on the ground next to dairy cow, Ronnie. Rosie, another diary cow, stands in the background.

Like you, our values guide us to pursue:


We are Annie and Nick Schmitz, rural Catholic farmers who enjoy spending time outdoors. After the cows are milked, you can find us hiking local rivers, racing homing pigeons, or working in the garden.


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To learn more about Annie and Nick Schmitz, check out the “Meet Us” page!

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